I'm Married!

Before I met Amber I never expected to get married again. No joke, I really thought I’d just solo the rest of my life or just at most have a “life partner” that’s close but I’m not legally attached to, because it was a terrifying thought to be legally attached to pretty much anyone.

Then I met Amber, and she’s my life partner. She’s it. She’s my ride or die, and now she’s my wife.

I love you, my wife. More! ❤️

Borderline Problems

The borderline ex is being an asshole again. She’s been manipulating our son and trying to get him to “keep secrets” because she knows she’s a half-ass mother. She’s also getting called out on it and now being an asshole publicly about my wife. This from someone whose gut is so large she can’t keep her navel clean enough to stop it from weeping with infection. This from someone who had her tongue split.

Pihole Docker Upgrade Pipeline

I’ve been running pihole for a minute now, and I think I’ve devised a process for upgrading that’s short, sweet, and to the point. It provides quick upgrades and might even be something possibly automated. So here goes. First thing you need is to make a folder somewhere on the system that your compose file and config files will live in. Throw it anywhere, it’s your system with your security practices, I don’t really give a damn.


It’s interesting to me how we continue to allow debate on already settled matters such as “your religion is not my ethical quandry” and “I don’t care how you feel about it, you’re not even involved”. If everyone understood these matters as settled, “hot topics” such as abortion would already be constitutionally protected. Instead we suffer these absolute cunts of humans who try and govern us as if we were all members of the same church.

Sunday Lazy Sunday

I’m feeling pretty indignant with the current political climate. It seems we’ve all relented and just accepted that “those who own the means and control the means” will never be held accountable for squeezing the working class dry. So we get to see a pity party get thrown for “First Son” and “Crack Enthusiast” Hunter Biden by media pundits who honestly don’t deserve their soapboxes anymore. Wasn’t nepotism something they were critical of Trump for?

Lindsey Graham Is Admitting to Being Unethical

My wife always likes to say, “When someone tells you who they are, believe them.” The takeaway being that when someone admits to you that they’re awful, you should take their word for it. Sometimes people will pop off with some random fact that describes how terrible they are, and then they’ll try to backpedal it or take it back to some extent. You really should just take it at face value, and if you can live with that then fine.


I really am so tired. I’m at an interesting junction of my career. I have developed a tool that extends a piece of software’s functionality into protecting intellectual property, but the company I work for who develops the main software package introduced a feature-breaking bug that eliminates the capabilities of my software. It also eliminates a lot of functionality of the software in general, though it’s apparent that there aren’t a lot of “power users” complaining.

Shaken Faith

It’s wild to me how so many of the 99% of people in the bottom rungs of capitalism actually play the game in good faith. They don’t lie, they don’t cheat, they don’t steal. All while the 1% at the top are essentially doing nothing other than lie, cheat, and steal. They deceive. They control. Most importantly, while they do all this, they line government pockets with their loose change in exchange for a status above everyone else.


I don’t know anymore. Honestly, I don’t think I want to know at this point. I think ignorance is probably the path forward. I can remain ignorant of things that don’t involve me, that’s fine. I don’t need people in my life who don’t want to be in my life. There’s no point in pretending to give a damn, so I don’t pretend, and I guess everyone else can just stop pretending as soon as they’re ready to put down the facade of superiority.

Dear Youtube

I will never give you money for Youtube Premium. The reason is simple: Giving you money only prevents me from seeing ads, it doesn’t prevent you from selling my data. I shouldn’t have to pay you to not sell my data. Since I can’t pay you to not sell my data and I can’t do anything except protect myself with ad blockers, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. If you make it impossible to watch videos with an ad blocker, I’m just going to switch to a different service; exactly like everyone else will.

I Do Solemnly Swear

Yeah, I don’t really have a rhyme or reason for the titles of these things. Haven’t in a minute, really. Nor have I posted anything technical in nature in quite a long time, which is honestly most disagreeable. I do have a song stuck in my head right now, but I don’t know how much you’re supposed to really care about that. One of these days I’m going to do a goddamn technical writeup.


Finally have a remote deployment server set up that’s neutral, ie. not located under a roof I pay for. It’s also doing a lot of other stuff, but whatever. It’s not like any of the services I run are particularly iron-heavy. They’re all pretty light, and I have big iron backing me up via content delivery. Either way, it’s a cool addition to the infrastructure. I was totally going to write something not retarded and just missed the mark.

Synth Pop Sadism

I’ve written so much over such a long time and I have no more answers now than I began with. It’s always been a coping strategy more than anything else. Like any skill a person can develop, the more you use that ability the more you sharpen it. I don’t feel as though I’ve sharpened my communication skills much over time. It isn’t that I’m particularly bothered by it, but it signals to me that perhaps it’s always been more therapeutic than anything else.

Mocking Fallacies

It’s wild to me how people can support Donald Trump in any way. I’ve witnessed firsthand the “Rock Star Effect” where people are just overcome by meeting famous or popular individuals. I suspect that’s largely what we’re looking at with these MAGA loons. They’re absolutely beside themselves that a billionaire would reach down from on high to glorify their values and their traditions amidst an economy that is suddenly disproportionately favoring “dual-income, no kids” households.

The Liars and Thieves

Google’s AI is broken because people prioritized bypassing Google’s trash-ass algorithm by specifically searching for reddit results. Well, that’s the current working theory, at least. The result is honestly hilarious. These rich assholes want us to think that anything they do is for us, when really everything they do is to line their pockets. It has fuck all to do with “us”, except that we’re the ones expected to line up and throw our money into the machine.

Just Want to Go Home

Flying these days is fucking awful. It was never great, but after all the retarded 9/11 bullshit and now the current state of late stage capitalism, we’re really expected to just cope with five, six, seven hour flight delays that majorly derail our lives. I’m honestly sick of this shit. We all know it’s a blatant cash grab. We all know it’s bullshit. It’s a way to scrape more profit from the corpse of an already fully excavated corpse.

Long Time, No See

Man, lots of wild stuff has happened since we’ve last had this one-sided conversation. Sean Combs is under fire for video of him beating the shit out of his girlfriend going viral. I mean, of course it went viral, it’s horrendous. Whether he learned his lesson or not barely matters. The public is absolutely horrified by the footage, as well they should be. Trump is getting reamed for all the criminal bullshit he’s been up to pre-presidency as well as post.


Not gonna lie, I’m really tired. The kind of tired you can’t escape with sleep. The sort of tired you feel in your bones. Honestly, there’s a lot to unpack regarding my mother. We apparently have irreconcilable differences. I’ve made attempts to reconcile, but I’ve had zero reciprocation on her end. Point in fact, I could reconcile with her today if I simply apologized and ignored the ways she would hurt my feelings.


It always feels as though there’s never enough time. There are always things to do, things to fix, places to be, people to see. Life is about being continuously engaged. I get it, and I participate, but I also get a ton of down time in between. It’s never really consistent in either direction, just a smattering of chaos that comes and goes. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t have a lot to write.


My niece’s birthday party is this weekend. She’s going to be a year old. She’s absolutely precious and I’m excited to celebrate her first birthday. At least, I’m trying to put that at the forefront of my mind. I’m trying to not allow the negativity to prevail. It’s hard when I know I’m not wanted there. My mother doesn’t want me to be there. My sister doesn’t want me to be there.


I know that I’ve been a cause of my relationship with my mom blowing apart, but the real sticking point and reason we’ve never been able to maintain an actual relationship is that everything is one directional with my mom. She accepts no blame, she apparently believes she’s perfect. She has never hurt anyone’s feelings or made any mistakes. People have only ever hurt her feelings and for that they have to pay.

Port 22

I have to say, I love port 22. It’s ubiquitous enough that no system administrator would dare block it, as he would be binding his own hands possibly permanently. Port 22 is the glorious port assigned to secure shell. It’s also how 99% of the internet’s heavy lifting has historically been performed. It’s great to use OpenSSH everywhere as a result, and on occasion you can even pipe traffic over SSH via dynamic port forwarding and whatnot.

Fuck China

China says banning TikTok in the US is “against fair competition”, and to that I have to issue a hardy “fuck you” to the commie scum Xi Jinping and his Parliament of cronies and criminals. Allow the Chinese people to express their views and opinions freely and then maybe we’ll talk, you fucking commie cunt. I swear to fucking GOD I can’t stand the CCP, and I hope someone shoots Xi Jinping right in the fucking head.

Steel Shavings

An improperly maintained machine can manifest some odd symptoms. Weird noises from grinding. Leaks of various fluids from lubricants to coolants and possibly anything in between, depending on the machine. Steel shavings are never something you want to see in an oil pan. I feel like there are steel shavings in my oil pan. I’m just running on empty. I’m tired. I haven’t done anything substantial in my hobbies of choice.

PNC Bank Going Under?

I’ve been a PNC Bank customer on and off for two decades now. More recently I’ve relied upon them to handle my day to day because they purchased the best bank I’ve ever used; Simple. Well, that’s not entirely correct. Simple was purchased by another bank, which PNC Bank swooped in to purchase in a larger acquisition. So I’ve been pissed off at PNC for a long time, because I fucking loved Simple.

PAX Optimization

There seems to be a kind of “semi-undocumented” feature in the PAX 3 via way of the “lip presence” detection in the PAX 3. If you open the app and put the vape in “Boost” mode, then start it; watch how the temperature acts when you gently place your finger on the top button just before it clicks. You’ll notice the amount of pressure applied will cause the unit to heat to boost temperatures.

PAX Is King

I have three dry herb vapes. I’ve had the Cloudious9 Atomic9 the longest, it was my first dry herb vape. When I got it I really kind of thought it was a toy. After I used it about five or so times I figured out it very much isn’t a toy. It does the job it’s built to do for basically sixty dollars. Honestly it’s a steal at the price listed.

Eat the Rich

I’m honestly grossly dissatisfied with the way things are. As it stands, I currently make heaps of money for people “above me” in status. I personally see a small fraction of the fruits of my labor in profit. I could give a shit less about the rich assholes in charge, and if I had my way, I’d reap the entirety of the fruits of my labor. I hear a lot about how this “land of opportunity” is just waiting to be seized by anyone entrepreneurial enough to grab hold of it.